Photo Wall: A Twist on the Traditional Wedding Photo Booth

After I went through every wedding picture, magazine, and blog EVER! I decided to go on the hunt for my wedding must have’s and make more concrete my “style” for the wedding. One must have at most weddings is a photo booth, to save money a lot of people are opting to do a self created “photobooth” by setting up an area at their wedding for photo-ops instead of an actual booth. After seeing a picture on an Etsy Handmade Wedding blog I knew exactly what I wanted to do! I loved the weddingit came from too. You should check it out!

I am making a “picture wall” for my photo booth based around this central concept in the picture. Thanks to my wonderful dad who is a contractor the assembly of this will be a cinch. My mom works at Bargains Galore thrift store so she has been scouting things out and so far we have two frames.
So basically we will use plywood covered in most likely a print fabric, and my dad wants to put wainscoting on it to make it extra cute. I have these two large frames, and probably will get one or two small ones. The jury is still out on whether I will paint the frames or not…I most likely won’t with these two.
To add some more fun to the photo wall we are going to make photo props that I saw Etsy like this:
Photo Prop Geeky Cool Set of 14 Photo Props to add FUN to your party wd
They are just made out of cardstock and dowels glued on with hot glue. Simple as that! It will be a fun DIY project. There are some super cute pictures of couples using them too 🙂
We are also planning to use a computer program that allows you to use your Mac to take pictures/print them out using a individual picture printer. I think it will be awesome! The details of this part are still up in the air, and I feel lucky to be getting married to a computer nerd cause I know he will be able to figure it out. 😉
I am excited to see how this turns out, it should be a fun addition to our day! 🙂
Happy planning!

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