Sweetheart Chairs

As I’m sitting here watching one of my wonderful bridesmaids Cely eat her tuna and pickle sandwich right after eating her Nutella toast, I am trying to think about what to write about today.

One of my finds at the fair grounds yard sale was a pair of old school house chairs. They are similar in style, but from different companies.

The one on the left was made by Murphy Incorporated; Owensboro, KY with the marking 9250A, and the one on the right was made by Boling Chair Co.; Silver City, NC. Pattern no. 5515, finished in Walnut. It has a cool plate with the number 621 on one of the legs. They appear to be pretty old, and while researching it seems that both companies were around in the early 1900’s and other chairs by the companies go for around $100 a piece, depending.
Now for the kicker, I got both these chairs for $15!!!! I went to pay for one for $10, and the vendor said there was another one just like it and he’d give me both for $15! I don’t know exactly how much they are worth, but I can guarantee that they are worth more than $7.50 a piece. Needless to say, I was happy with my yard sale steal 🙂
I’m going to be using the chairs as the bride and groom chairs for our sweetheart table. We are going to try to make our sweatheart table, and accompanying bridal parties tables have some extra “flair” to set them apart, and I think cute vintage chairs would be fun!
You know in the movie Up!, where Ellie and Carl have their own chairs their whole life together, and those chairs become a symbol of their unique personalities and relationship together? That’s kind of what I was thinking that these chairs could become. They will be used for our wedding, but they will have a life past the wedding. They won’t be packed up and shipped back to the rental facility, but they will become icons and memories of our wedding and our relationship through our whole lives together. We will be able to tell our children that these were the chairs that we sat in at our wedding, and maybe even our grandchildren one day. It’s just neat to get something for your wedding that isn’t a one time use item, and way more meaningful to choose a few special items that will continue their life past that one day!
Happy planning!

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