Free and Cheap: The Way of the Bargain Bride

Here’s some more cool finds that I got for cheap/free. 🙂

So, chalkboards are the “thing for weddings right now, and probably will be in a year and three months…so I am jumping on the bandwagon. They are a great way to add some flair to the day. My mom found this old school chalkboard at Bargains for $6, complete with its own built-in chalk and eraser holder 🙂 Here’s some pics of creative ways people have used chalkboards at weddings, it can be fun!!

For $4 at Goodwill Matthew and I found this really cool old picnic basket. The pictures aren’t that great, and make it look ugly, but trust me! We are planning to use it to hold cards or something to that effect. Kind of like this. It was a fun find for super cheap.

It has little compartments holders on the lid for Tupperware or drink bottles.
All the weaved detail on the outside is still in awesome condition.
This is kind of what I’m thinking. Couldn’t find the best picture…
Matthew’s mom also gave us this mailbox. We are going use a mailbox for people to drop off notes for us. More on that later, but we needed a mailbox, and of course our trusty mail carrier in the family had a mailbox in her garage! We are going to paint it cute, I’m not going to tell how yet. 🙂
Here’s our blank slate of a mailbox!
Needless to say, thrift stores are my best friend. Since I have a lot of time, I just keep my eyes peeled looking for what I want, and I slowly chip away at my list. It’s like a treasure hunt. I’m even more excited for yard sale season!
Happy Planning! 🙂

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