Why did we ever stop using handkerchiefs?

“where a blood relation sobs, an intimate friend should choke up, a distance acquaintance should sigh, a [friend] should merely fumble sympathetically with his handkerchief.” – Mark Twain

I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing like a good wedding to make my eyes well up and my heart swoon. There’s just something so idyllic about weddings that makes me love them so much.Without fail, I will cry every time the father hands his daughter off, and I have no doubt I will do the same at my own wedding. It’s that bittersweet moment where the dad is saying goodbye to his little daughter, and their relationship will be forever different after that point. Not necessarily bad, but just different. I am such a daddy’s girl, can’t you tell? The other part that makes me cry is when the bride and groom first make eye contact while she is walking down the isle. There is something so perfect about that moment.

Because of the swell of emotions at weddings and the heavy amounts of makeup that women usually wear, there is one thing that all us women need…a good classy handkerchief! Handkerchiefs have all but gone out of style and have replaced by the small packs of Kleenex tissues. But wouldn’t it be fun to be able to dab your non-waterproof mascara in class?

I saw this really cute idea on a wedding photographers website that I loved and from the second I saw it, I knew I had to do it.

Thus began my quest to find hankies for my ladies that will be attending my wedding. While at the fairgrounds yardsale I found a box of handkerchiefs that were a dollar each. I asked the vendor what she would want for the whole box, and after a moment of hesitation she said $10!! So, now I had WAY more than 10 handkerchiefs for $10 (being a dollar a piece). I went home and counted and I got 42 hankies! What a steal.
I was so excited that that day I washed them all by hand with Woolite, and hung them to dry. They were so cute hanging up on the clothes line.
There is one set of 8, and the rest are all uniquely different. 🙂
Some of them appear to be pretty old, and probably hand embroidered.
Here are a few of my favorite ones:
This one is so delicate, and a gorgeous blue. Could be a potential “something blue”.
This one is hard to see, but it is off white (probably because of age) and has a daffodil embroidered on the side. 
This one is more “art deco” with the four corners accented. Truly gorgeous.
After I  dried them, I ironed them and am storing them in my big Ugg boot box ( I knew that those boots were going to be a good investment, I’m even able to reuse the box) with a garment freshener until the wedding!
At the wedding I hope to have them available kind of like in the picture, and my wish is that the ladies will keep them as a memento that they can use to catch all their future tears of joy with. 🙂 They really are gorgeous pieces of fiber art and they carry so much history in them, and I hope to give them all a renewed future out of a musty old box in an attic somewhere.
Happy Planning!

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