Cute Customizable Banner!!

I just found the coolest company who does customizable party banners and snagged one up as quick as I could! 🙂

While browsing on Etsy (the greatest website in the world) I found Earmark Invitations. Which is a company that hand makes paper products from invitations to banners, and everything in between. You can also find the company at

Anyways, I got a customized banner that looks kind of like this.

CUSTOM Made to Order Paper Garland Party Banner Great Party Decoration
But it will say something different. I’m not going to tell how I customized it, but it doesn’t say the same thing…and I added some cute details to it. 🙂
The company sends you a PDF of the proof, and allows you to make up to 3 more modifications for free. All for just $25. For custom handmade work, I think this is a steal!
You can find the exact listing I purchased here.
Happy Planning!

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