My first DIY venture: Photo booth props.

To relieve stress from work and the job hunting/interviewing front, I have decided to delve into some of my wedding projects a little early. I decided to start with the photo booth props. I was going to do the cut-outs in cardstock, but I went with the thin craft foam as a more durable choice. I spent $8 getting all the supplies, which included craft foam, scrapbook paper, and thin dowels.

Next I set out on finding/making templates for all the types of props I wanted to make. I decided on making mustaches, bow ties, glasses, and lips. I was able to find a template for mustaches online, and the rest of the templates my dad whipped up.
After all the templates were drawn and cut out, I traced them on to the craft foam using a pencil.
After, I just cut them out using small craft scissors, easy enough, and they were almost done!
To make the bow-ties I got craft foam that had an adhesive side. I traced the template onto the paper, and then applied the paper to the foam. The ties have a cool 3-D aspect to them with the raised middle part, and I think I am going to add a lip line detail to the smooching lips.
The next day I used Aleen’s Tacky Glue to glue the dowels on, and they are finished. Here they are:
Voila! Homemade photo booth props, smaller sets of these are on sale on etsy for $38 and up, I made them in a total of two hours for $8…and it was fun. 🙂
My dad sporting the goods.
Matthew and I modeling some pre-doweled mustaches.
So, my first DIY venture was an encouraging success, was way easier than I anticipated, and saved a ton of money. yay!
Happy Planning!

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