After I got engaged to my wonderful fiancé Matthew the wedding planning began in my head…I’m serious. I got engaged on Christmas Eve, had Christmas, and the day after was plowing into Safeway to get groceries and  nonchalantly pick up my first stash of bridal magazines. On the list were Seattle BridesReal Simple Weddings, and Bridesmagazine.

My favorite part of these magazines were the “real weddings” because it was the place where you were able to see what people did, and how they made certain elements of their weddings work. I focused on all the little details, and was drawn to the quirky, vintage, and offbeat weddings where the focus was less on the “bling-blow” and more on the couple and what they loved. My favorite weddings are always the rustic, and garden weddings. When I first started searching for “key words” I was unsure of what to search for. I initially wanted what I called an “antique store-esque, vintagey, quirky” wedding that used old antique objects in new and unique ways. This doesn’t result with anything much in google, as you could assume, so I found that the words: vintage, rustic, garden, and indie yielded the best results online.
Not long after I started searching online and in magazines I decided on a color palate: grey, yellow, and white. I’m still flirting with a tertiary color, but that’s still in the works 🙂 I made a “Wedding Inspiration” folder and bookmark in my browser and here are some of my favorite inspiration pictures (okay there’s kind of a lot:)
 I love the idea of the use of mixed glass and canning jars to hold flowers
Guys look handsome in grey and converse!
The shoe and sock shot must happen.
Laterns intermixed with patio lights are gorgeous for a garden wedding.
This is almost remniscent of the movie UP!
This couples theme was “love birds” and I loved the use of cages as an accent.
So cute.
There’s that “antique” style I’m talking about!
Grey converse are a must have!
I love the craspedia boutonnieres.
I love the scrabble pieces idea.
It’s hard to initially get a vision, but it’s best to just dive into magazines and the internet and save EVERY picture that you like, then sort through them and you can get a good idea of what stuck out the most to you, and what are you most drawn to. It’s the fun part!
Happy planning! 🙂