My first DIY venture: Photo booth props.

To relieve stress from work and the job hunting/interviewing front, I have decided to delve into some of my wedding projects a little early. I decided to start with the photo booth props. I was going to do the cut-outs in cardstock, but I went with the thin craft foam as a more durable choice. I spent $8 getting all the supplies, which included craft foam, scrapbook paper, and thin dowels.

Next I set out on finding/making templates for all the types of props I wanted to make. I decided on making mustaches, bow ties, glasses, and lips. I was able to find a template for mustaches online, and the rest of the templates my dad whipped up.
After all the templates were drawn and cut out, I traced them on to the craft foam using a pencil.
After, I just cut them out using small craft scissors, easy enough, and they were almost done!
To make the bow-ties I got craft foam that had an adhesive side. I traced the template onto the paper, and then applied the paper to the foam. The ties have a cool 3-D aspect to them with the raised middle part, and I think I am going to add a lip line detail to the smooching lips.
The next day I used Aleen’s Tacky Glue to glue the dowels on, and they are finished. Here they are:
Voila! Homemade photo booth props, smaller sets of these are on sale on etsy for $38 and up, I made them in a total of two hours for $8…and it was fun. 🙂
My dad sporting the goods.
Matthew and I modeling some pre-doweled mustaches.
So, my first DIY venture was an encouraging success, was way easier than I anticipated, and saved a ton of money. yay!
Happy Planning!

Save-the-Date Postcards

As I’m getting ready for engagement pictures this summer I realized that I needed to start thinking about save-the-dates. I started browsing for unique ideas for save the dates, and was getting sticker shock at the prices. People sure can spend a lot on paper apparently! Well somehow I stumbled across Wedding Paper Diva’s. It was there that I discovered the wonder of the save the date postcards! They are soooo cute, and they save paper…I’m so going to use these!

Some of my favorites from this website are:
This one is my favorite.
My favorite thing about these though is that there is a place on the other side for a little note to your guests like this:
Overall, these are a wonderfully unique and economical way to have a fun save the date, no envelope needed!
Another website with cute save-the-dates is Peartree Greetings. They have a few postcards, but some really cute cards, and more customizable color options then Wedding Paper Divas.
Stay tuned to see what I actually choose for our save the dates! We will probably send them out sometime next fall. So I have a while to decide 😉
Happy Planning!

Cute Customizable Banner!!

I just found the coolest company who does customizable party banners and snagged one up as quick as I could! 🙂

While browsing on Etsy (the greatest website in the world) I found Earmark Invitations. Which is a company that hand makes paper products from invitations to banners, and everything in between. You can also find the company at

Anyways, I got a customized banner that looks kind of like this.

CUSTOM Made to Order Paper Garland Party Banner Great Party Decoration
But it will say something different. I’m not going to tell how I customized it, but it doesn’t say the same thing…and I added some cute details to it. 🙂
The company sends you a PDF of the proof, and allows you to make up to 3 more modifications for free. All for just $25. For custom handmade work, I think this is a steal!
You can find the exact listing I purchased here.
Happy Planning!

Why did we ever stop using handkerchiefs?

“where a blood relation sobs, an intimate friend should choke up, a distance acquaintance should sigh, a [friend] should merely fumble sympathetically with his handkerchief.” – Mark Twain

I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing like a good wedding to make my eyes well up and my heart swoon. There’s just something so idyllic about weddings that makes me love them so much.Without fail, I will cry every time the father hands his daughter off, and I have no doubt I will do the same at my own wedding. It’s that bittersweet moment where the dad is saying goodbye to his little daughter, and their relationship will be forever different after that point. Not necessarily bad, but just different. I am such a daddy’s girl, can’t you tell? The other part that makes me cry is when the bride and groom first make eye contact while she is walking down the isle. There is something so perfect about that moment.

Because of the swell of emotions at weddings and the heavy amounts of makeup that women usually wear, there is one thing that all us women need…a good classy handkerchief! Handkerchiefs have all but gone out of style and have replaced by the small packs of Kleenex tissues. But wouldn’t it be fun to be able to dab your non-waterproof mascara in class?

I saw this really cute idea on a wedding photographers website that I loved and from the second I saw it, I knew I had to do it.

Thus began my quest to find hankies for my ladies that will be attending my wedding. While at the fairgrounds yardsale I found a box of handkerchiefs that were a dollar each. I asked the vendor what she would want for the whole box, and after a moment of hesitation she said $10!! So, now I had WAY more than 10 handkerchiefs for $10 (being a dollar a piece). I went home and counted and I got 42 hankies! What a steal.
I was so excited that that day I washed them all by hand with Woolite, and hung them to dry. They were so cute hanging up on the clothes line.
There is one set of 8, and the rest are all uniquely different. 🙂
Some of them appear to be pretty old, and probably hand embroidered.
Here are a few of my favorite ones:
This one is so delicate, and a gorgeous blue. Could be a potential “something blue”.
This one is hard to see, but it is off white (probably because of age) and has a daffodil embroidered on the side. 
This one is more “art deco” with the four corners accented. Truly gorgeous.
After I  dried them, I ironed them and am storing them in my big Ugg boot box ( I knew that those boots were going to be a good investment, I’m even able to reuse the box) with a garment freshener until the wedding!
At the wedding I hope to have them available kind of like in the picture, and my wish is that the ladies will keep them as a memento that they can use to catch all their future tears of joy with. 🙂 They really are gorgeous pieces of fiber art and they carry so much history in them, and I hope to give them all a renewed future out of a musty old box in an attic somewhere.
Happy Planning!

Free and Cheap: The Way of the Bargain Bride

Here’s some more cool finds that I got for cheap/free. 🙂

So, chalkboards are the “thing for weddings right now, and probably will be in a year and three months…so I am jumping on the bandwagon. They are a great way to add some flair to the day. My mom found this old school chalkboard at Bargains for $6, complete with its own built-in chalk and eraser holder 🙂 Here’s some pics of creative ways people have used chalkboards at weddings, it can be fun!!

For $4 at Goodwill Matthew and I found this really cool old picnic basket. The pictures aren’t that great, and make it look ugly, but trust me! We are planning to use it to hold cards or something to that effect. Kind of like this. It was a fun find for super cheap.

It has little compartments holders on the lid for Tupperware or drink bottles.
All the weaved detail on the outside is still in awesome condition.
This is kind of what I’m thinking. Couldn’t find the best picture…
Matthew’s mom also gave us this mailbox. We are going use a mailbox for people to drop off notes for us. More on that later, but we needed a mailbox, and of course our trusty mail carrier in the family had a mailbox in her garage! We are going to paint it cute, I’m not going to tell how yet. 🙂
Here’s our blank slate of a mailbox!
Needless to say, thrift stores are my best friend. Since I have a lot of time, I just keep my eyes peeled looking for what I want, and I slowly chip away at my list. It’s like a treasure hunt. I’m even more excited for yard sale season!
Happy Planning! 🙂

Sweetheart Chairs

As I’m sitting here watching one of my wonderful bridesmaids Cely eat her tuna and pickle sandwich right after eating her Nutella toast, I am trying to think about what to write about today.

One of my finds at the fair grounds yard sale was a pair of old school house chairs. They are similar in style, but from different companies.

The one on the left was made by Murphy Incorporated; Owensboro, KY with the marking 9250A, and the one on the right was made by Boling Chair Co.; Silver City, NC. Pattern no. 5515, finished in Walnut. It has a cool plate with the number 621 on one of the legs. They appear to be pretty old, and while researching it seems that both companies were around in the early 1900’s and other chairs by the companies go for around $100 a piece, depending.
Now for the kicker, I got both these chairs for $15!!!! I went to pay for one for $10, and the vendor said there was another one just like it and he’d give me both for $15! I don’t know exactly how much they are worth, but I can guarantee that they are worth more than $7.50 a piece. Needless to say, I was happy with my yard sale steal 🙂
I’m going to be using the chairs as the bride and groom chairs for our sweetheart table. We are going to try to make our sweatheart table, and accompanying bridal parties tables have some extra “flair” to set them apart, and I think cute vintage chairs would be fun!
You know in the movie Up!, where Ellie and Carl have their own chairs their whole life together, and those chairs become a symbol of their unique personalities and relationship together? That’s kind of what I was thinking that these chairs could become. They will be used for our wedding, but they will have a life past the wedding. They won’t be packed up and shipped back to the rental facility, but they will become icons and memories of our wedding and our relationship through our whole lives together. We will be able to tell our children that these were the chairs that we sat in at our wedding, and maybe even our grandchildren one day. It’s just neat to get something for your wedding that isn’t a one time use item, and way more meaningful to choose a few special items that will continue their life past that one day!
Happy planning!

Photo Wall: A Twist on the Traditional Wedding Photo Booth

After I went through every wedding picture, magazine, and blog EVER! I decided to go on the hunt for my wedding must have’s and make more concrete my “style” for the wedding. One must have at most weddings is a photo booth, to save money a lot of people are opting to do a self created “photobooth” by setting up an area at their wedding for photo-ops instead of an actual booth. After seeing a picture on an Etsy Handmade Wedding blog I knew exactly what I wanted to do! I loved the weddingit came from too. You should check it out!

I am making a “picture wall” for my photo booth based around this central concept in the picture. Thanks to my wonderful dad who is a contractor the assembly of this will be a cinch. My mom works at Bargains Galore thrift store so she has been scouting things out and so far we have two frames.
So basically we will use plywood covered in most likely a print fabric, and my dad wants to put wainscoting on it to make it extra cute. I have these two large frames, and probably will get one or two small ones. The jury is still out on whether I will paint the frames or not…I most likely won’t with these two.
To add some more fun to the photo wall we are going to make photo props that I saw Etsy like this:
Photo Prop Geeky Cool Set of 14 Photo Props to add FUN to your party wd
They are just made out of cardstock and dowels glued on with hot glue. Simple as that! It will be a fun DIY project. There are some super cute pictures of couples using them too 🙂
We are also planning to use a computer program that allows you to use your Mac to take pictures/print them out using a individual picture printer. I think it will be awesome! The details of this part are still up in the air, and I feel lucky to be getting married to a computer nerd cause I know he will be able to figure it out. 😉
I am excited to see how this turns out, it should be a fun addition to our day! 🙂
Happy planning!